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Amado L. Picardal



 Like a sheep without a shepherd

 we cry out to you.

 We have been scattered,

 our homes demolished,

 our sons and daughters slaughtered

 by wolves in uniform.


Like a flock forgotten by its shepherd

 we wait for you.

 But you're too busy worrying

 about your image, influence

 and investments.

 You do not even know us.


As we wander in this valley

 of terror, hunger and death

 we long to see your face

 and hear your voice

 calling us by name.


 But you have wandered

 from your flock

 and from the good shepherd

 you promised to follow.

 You have succumbed to the

 temptation in the desert.

 Yours is the power, the glory

 and the wealth.


Like a flock in search of a shepherd

 we call out to you,

 be our shepherd.

 Leave everything you have

 and lead us in our journey

 to the promised land.