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Amado L. Picardal



 Rubber bands, toyguns,

   marbles, kites,

        tops and balloons.


 These I have outgrown.



 Streamers, banners,

   placards, leaflets,

      megaphones and molotov cocktails.


 Thes I  have outgrown.



 Slums, farms,

   factories, picketlines,

        hills and jails.


 These I have outgrown.



 How I have grown.


 Golf clubs, tennis racket,

    highrise‑office, cocktail lounge,

       Mercedez benz and stately mansion.



 I have grown.


 And I look back and say:

 we were young and full of idealism.


 But deep within a nagging thought:

 the system I tried to change

                      changed me,

 I sold my soul

            and kissed myself.