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A Prisoner's Psalm

Amado L. Picardal


From this dark and damp cell

I cry out to you --

Lord, can your hear my groaning?


I cry to you all day long,

I call out to you in the night

But you seemso  distant or  absent.


My throat is sore, I cannot scream anymore.

Day and night they ask me all sorts of questions,

they strike, punch and kick me  when I do not answer.


My fingers are swollen,  I cannot clench my fist

My ribs seem to  be broken, I cannot stand erect

My whole body is inflamed, it is getting numb. 


I was thirsty and they forced me to drink  rum.

to loosen my tongue and reveal to them the truth.


They stripped  me off my clothes and my dignity.


They are preparing the machine that will  electrify my body.

And now I dread the sound of footsteps and the opening of the door.

I prefer this darkness that face the glaring light.


They said only I can end my suffering

If I  confess to them everything and betray those

Who oppose this dictatorial regime.


How much longer, do I have to suffer?

How much longer can I hold on?

How much longer can I maintain my sanity?


Will I ever see again the sky and the sun?

Will I ever see again the faces of those I love and serve?

Or will they make me disappear forever?


Lord, do not abandon me?

Deliver me from these kidnappers and murderers

            who are trying to maintain peace and order.

Deliver me from these mercenaries

            whose obsession is to defend national security

            the security of this blood-thirsty and power hunger dictator

            the security of his cronies and their big business interest

            the security of his alien lords and their bases and investments.


O, Lord my God,

I know you are neither blind nor deaf.

Your mercy and compassion endure  forever.

You have always been a subversive God

            you depose the mighty from their thrones and raise the lowly.

I cry out now to you: subvert this dictatorial regime!

Let your Spirit fill the hearts of those who are struggling to build a kingdom

            of justice, peace and freedom.


From this dark and damp cell

I cry out to you, Lord can you hear me?


Into your hands I commend my broken body

and my wavering spirit.