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Amado L. Picardal



Ring the bells,

strum the guitars,

blow the horns, light the fireworks,

let the dance begin

in the barricades, streets,

camps and homes!

Proclaim to the entire nation,

and to the entire world the good news:

the dictator has finally fled to Hawaii! 


This is the moment we have longed for,

the moment of our deliverance!


They who put their trust in their armies

have been put to shame by millions of men, women and  children

emboldened by the power of the cross

led by the frail widow of the man 

who gave his life on the tarmac.


The instruments of terror

have unwittingly been converted

into forces for freedom,

embraced and protected by the people.


The armalites, tanks and helicopters

were powerless against the risen masses

ready to offer their body and blood

without taking life,

armed with their prayers, tears,

rosary beads, carved images

 of the mother and the child,

 crosses,  flowers and food for the bewildered troops.


Let us praise and thank Yahweh,

the God who is never blind,

deaf or powerless,

the subversive God

 who has been with us in our struggle

   throughout this archipelago,

 who is present at EDSA,

 and who will accompany us on our journey

 to the land of promise ‑‑ a land flowing

 with peace, justice and prosperity.


 Let this moment  be etched in our hearts

 for we have shown to the world

 the saving power of God.